peter chamberlain, an artist and a Professor of Art at the University of Hawaii, developed and directs the Expanded Arts Program and the Electronic Arts Lab. Once considered too conservative as a founding member of A.S.K. he is now the group's most active member.

congo matabi began his professional career playing keyboards with a group called SNAKE in 1969. He continues to resurface for politically motivated activist events and occasionally in the alternative music underground Tapes of his solo and group productions are available. His only published work is an album called R.A.N.T.Z.

captain random started A.S.K. in 1976 in Vancouver, BC, Canadada. He still randomly appears to produce random events in random places at random times and remains committed to the lost arts of indeterminacy...

professor raygun is best known for his ability to turn Chicago-style blues inside out through his use of electronics and serialist improvisation. Not an original member of A.S.K. he was invited to join in 1983 after several pitiful attempts to vocally accompany himself during a series of live video/piano blues performances in an Elmira pub.